PAGAIA AZZURRA SK1 kayak course

The PAGAIA AZZURRA SK1 kayak course is thought for those who want to learn the basic techniques to maneuver a sea kayak in safety. Aim of the course is to acquire the basic skills and nowledge necessary to maneuver at sea in calm or smooth wind conditions (Beaufort Force 0-1) and calm or almost calm sea (Sea State 0-1).

The course consists of a theoretical part, and a practical part in water. Both the course and the exam is held by the federal sea kayak instructor Marco Garbetta.


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Starting time

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  • ability to swim

In the course you learn the most important fundamentals of the technique that are:


  • Lift and transport kayaks
  • Launching and landing
  • Forward stroke
  • How to Turn, Stop and Paddle backwards
  • Stern rudder
  • Forward and backward sweep stroke
  • T draw and scull draw
  • Low brace
  • Secure the kayak on a rack or on a trolley


  • Wet exit with swimming back to the coast in shallow water
  • Technique for emptying kayaks
  • Simple assisted rescue (lateral)
  • Assisted rescue performed by another kayaker in deepwater (the candidate is required to actively participate in their rescue conducted by another kayaker).

After the course the student can support with the federal sea kayak instructor Marco Garbetta a theoretical and practical examination which, if passed, allows him to receive the Sea Kayak 1 certification, compliant with the European EPP standard (Euro Paddle Pass) and recognized in the countries members (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden) for the rental of equipment or to qualify for organized activities. The cost to be paid by the candidate for certification, for the card and for sending them to Italy is 20 euros.

The Pagaia Azzurra certification is recognized by the EPP (Euro Paddle Pass). The EPP allows:

  • perform a certification according to a common and recognized standard in the EPP member countries (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden);
  • complete their training, in their own discipline, in any of the countries participating in the EPP;
  • continue their training started abroad in Italy;
  • rent canoes or kayaks in Italian and European centers that are increasingly rented exclusively for a recognized national certification;
  • start a training program with a progressive growth, necessary to access the FICK Technician training program.

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PAGAIA AZZURRA SK1 kayak course

Trip Facts

  • 3 half days
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