Porto Selvaggio kayak trip is our most popular tour, not physically demanding and therefore suitable for those who have never gone kayaking. Included in the price is the SEA KAYAK COURSE FOR BEGINNERS guided by a 2nd level sea kayak instructor of the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation.

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• DURATION: 3 hours
• DISTANCE: 6 km a/r

Porto Selvaggio kayak trip description

The Porto Selvaggio kayak trip is our most popular trip, suitable for those who have never paddled. Along the way we will show you hidden caves and crevices, all to explore! We will pass under the Tower of S. Maria dell’Alto, along one of the highest coastal stretches in this area. Here are the most beautiful caves of the route. This trip is an exceptionally exciting and memorable trip down the coast which allows you to experience the transparent waters of the beach at the end of Porto Selvaggio Bay. You can also take a walk in the pine forest to shelter from the heat, take pictures and immerse yourself in the cold waters of the spring. We will take advantage of the unique perspective from the sea and the proximity to the coast that only a kayak can offer to visit one of the most beautiful stretches of sea in the Ionian Salento! During the kayaking trip, if the sea allows it, we will enter the beautiful cave of Green Cave!


At the slide of the port of Santa Caterina. (Google Maps link) where boats enter the sea.

Salento is certainly one of Italy’s most popular holiday destinations. Here you can find beautiful pristine beaches, bathed by the crystal clear sea of Puglia. One of the most famous and unmissable beaches during a trip to Salento, and probably one of the most beautiful in Italy, is Porto Selvaggio. It is a place to say the least magical and immersed in nature, which offers visitors a landscape that is among the most evocative of the entire Salento coast.

The natural park of Porto Selvaggio

Porto Selvaggio is located in Nardò, a municipality in the province of Lecce between Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo. The area, since 1980, is a natural park established by the Puglia Region which includes 432 hectares of coast, of which 268 of pinewood. The pine forest that surrounds the beach is in fact what makes the Porto Selvaggio reserve a unique and relaxing place: the pines were planted in the 1950s thanks to state funds. The center of the Natural Park is the small pebble and pebble beach that attracts many tourists every year. The sea is crystal clear and bordered by a low cliff on both sides. The particularity of this beach is also given by a current of cold fresh water that arrives directly in the bay. Today the Park consists of over 1000 hectares of land and is all to be discovered.

The beach of Porto Selvaggio

The bay of Porto Selvaggio, which gives its name to the entire park, is the most famous and popular, especially in summer. From the entrance, along the path in the pine forest for about 20 minutes you will reach the beach made of pebbles and rocks. The view is enchanting and the bay is perfect for sunbathing and bathing, while if you want to dive from the rocks the advice is to get away from the beach, where the water tends to be quite low.

The Green Cave

The Green cave is the most beautiful cave on the coast of Porto Selvaggio! Not always accessible because of the low entry which is impossible to enter in case of rough water, it is a stupendous cave! The light that filters through the underwater opening gives it the green color that distinguishes it. From the outside it is almost impossible to watch, but inside it is wide and allows more kayaks to enter and turn around to exit.

The S. Maria dell’Alto Tower

The S. Maria dell’Alto Tower is a coastal tower of Salento located in Santa Caterina di Nardò. Located about 60 m s.l.m., surrounded by a thick pine forest, it was built in the sixteenth century with defensive functions to make the coast of the Salento peninsula safer.

Porto Selvaggio kayak trip map

Our Regulation and the answer to the most common questions that are addressed to us.

Trips can be booked directly on the website. Payment is made in the same time with Paypal, Debit or Credit Card.

There is a 100% refund only in case of cancellation by the customer at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance from the date of the trip does not entitle you to a refund or credit and the entire cost of the trip will be credited.

Up to 24 hours before departure you are entitled to a free booking change. It is not possible to change your reservation when there are less than 24 hours left before departure. To change your booking you must cancel the existing booking (which will be automatically refunded) and book a new trip from those available on the calendar.

In case of bad weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the trip up to 2 hours before departure.
Communication will take place via email. For this reason, please always check your email inbox for new messages. The whole cost of the tickets will be refund. Light rain, variable weather forecast, scattered clouds, light wind or high temperatures are not accepted reasons to get a refund in case of cancellation by the customer. It’s possible to check accurate weather forecasts on our website on this page.

In the form “Description” of each trip you will find the Google Maps link of the meeting point. In any case, for any problem in reaching the meeting point, you can communicate with us via Whatsapp.

Our trips are made to be joined by anyone, especially beginners. The distances are relatively short and no particular skill or strength is required. Nonetheless, good physical shape and a weight strictly less than 100kg are required. The instructor reserves the right to check the weight of the participants and to prevent anyone weighing 100kg or more from starting. No refund is provided in this case.

The minimum age to join our trips is 6 years. Up to the age of 12, children will have to go in a double kayak together with an accompanying adult. From 12 years up there are no limits. In summary:

  • 0-5 years old: CANNOT join trips;
  • 6-11 years old: can join trips only with an adult in a double kayak;
  • 12+ years old: can join trips without any limitation.

The adult with a child in a double kayak must be in very good physical shape to drive a double kayak (longer and heavier) alone.
The cost of the ticket for a child is lower than for an adult. For this reason the instructor reserves the right to check his identity document before departure which the adult is therefore required to bring with him.
In the event that an age is different from that declared at the time of booking or is not compatible with participation in the trip, the instructor reserves the right to request an addition to the cost of the ticket or to prevent departure. No refund is provided in the latter case.

Recommended items

  • Sunscreen
  • Half liter bottled water (to put under the bungee in front of the seat)
  • Anti-nausea medicine (to be taken before the trip if you suffer from seasickness)

Recommended clothing

  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt
  • Water shoes (closed shoes that can get wet as an alternative). Flip-flops are not recommended
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses with safety lanyard

We will keep non-bulky valuables such as wallets, cell phones and car keys. Small bags or backpacks can be stored in the hatches of the kayaks or in the car of the guide. Be careful because in the hatches the backpack could get wet and the car is not guarded.

The course for beginners, has the task of making everyone, especially beginners, able to go kayaking with the minimum skill required for carrying out the trip. However, it may happen that, despite the course for beginners and the instructor’s tips given in the water, the minimum skill required for carrying out the trip are not achieved. For example, an insufficiency in balance may occur which causes repeated capsizing or in the execution of the circular stroke to change direction. Unfortunately, in a group experience the instructor in the water cannot dedicate a lot of time to a person who may be in difficulty since during this time the entire group remains without a guide and a longer time could be dangerous for the success of the trip for the entire group. In these cases, at the sole discretion of the instructor in the water, it will not be possible to join the trip and the person will be accompanied to the starting point. A refund of 50% of the ticket cost is expected.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the trip up to 2 hours before departure. Communication will take place via email. For this reason, please always check your email inbox for new messages. The whole cost of the tickets will be refund.

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